For this installment of “In Your Bag,” we have Aivaras. Aivaras has had not one but two “In Your Bag” with us.

“My name is Aivaras, I’m photography enthusiast from Lithuania. Usually I shoot my daily life and surroundings. Sometimes I do more demanding creative portraits. I shoot, because of the process, it lets me detach from daily life, and to observe the beauty of world we are living in. In other words, photography for me is a sort of meditation. Analog photography for me has more tactile feeling and seems to me like it enriches the process. And yes, I like to play with solid analog era cameras. :)

I’m guilty of having several kits of bags / cameras and lenses. ;) Each of them is tailored for specific situation or mood; for example – I prefer to use medium format cameras for portraits and 35mm cameras for reportage style / everyday shooting. Sometimes I want to have an autofocus camera (usually for fast action family and friends events), sometimes I like to be slower and more careful with manual focus camera. For 35mm film photography I prefer to use SLR’s and since the beginning of my acquaintance with analog photography I stick to one brand – Pentax. And I’m not going to go any other direction.
I featured few of my sets on JCH before (in your bag 792 and 1123). Since then I tried and used a lot of camera bodies and lenses and finally I settled to ones that I prefer and don’t want to part with.
Todays set is my old school slow “zen” shooters kit that fits in Wotancraft Scout bag. This thing is stylish, practical, weatherproof to some extent and simply beautiful. The camera inside is famous underdog – Pentax LX. A pinnacle of engineering; very intuitive refined and compact camera. As I like to shoot some low angle shots, I aded a waist level finder for LX.


My favourite focal length is 50mm and I’m incurable bokeh junkie. In my case there are no better matches to LX than SMC Pentax 50mm 1.2 lens – thanks JCH for helping to get it! As an addition to beautiful build, ability to melt backgrounds into non existence, and interesting rendering this lens gives me additional abilities to capture the shot in dark situations. Additionally I like to pack a wide angle lens. In this case I use SMC Pentax -M 24mm 2.8 lens – unpretentious wide angle.
As I hardly manage to shoot with digital cameras, I started to learn flash photography. For those dark dark moments I use Pentax AF 280T Flash.


Naturally we come to film choice. I prefer Kodak films. For colour I use Portra and for BW Kodak Tri-X 400 film. This setup commands me to use more of black and white.
Finally, my bag hold glasses, wallet, headphones and keys for getting back home.

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