In your bag No: 1627 – Bastian Block

Bastian checks back in with a pack that carries his minimal yet trusted companions on new city explorations.

Hi fellas of film photography, my name is Bastian Block and this is the second time showing you my ‘what’s in my bag selection’. Recently there have been some minor changes to my setup that I wanted to share with the community,

Let’s start with some words about me, I live in Germany, from where I explore cities with my girlfriend all over Europe. This is also where I take 60-70% of my personal photography work. I love to shoot in unknown places, look around to find interesting scenes on the street or lovely modern architecture.

Now to my setup, the biggest change is the type of bag is used recently. I switched from the messenger bag to the backpack style. At the moment it’s a pinqponq in a simple all black colorway.

My main camera is my old Leica M6 classic from ‘92 also the black version. I got this camera 4 years ago and took it to almost every country around Europe and Africa. Coupled to the M6 is my newly bought Summicron 35 ASPH in near mint condition. When I shoot, this setup is what I go to 80% of the time. The 35mm focal length and the build in light meter give me everything I need. But there is always the other one you need to have because it’s a classic and got so much history on its shoulders.

The lovely piece of art I talk about is my new Leica M2 from ‘62. It has been on my wishlist for a long time and 3 weeks ago I got one hell of a deal for this one so I had to buy it. This gorgeous is coupled with a modern version Elmar 50 2.8 collapsible. I am searching for the right Summicron 50 rigid from the time of the M2, but they are super expensive.

To carry my rolls of HP5, which I always push to ISO 1600, i use my trusted JCH film case.

At last there is my iPhone X which I meter the light with when I shoot my M2, listen to jazz music while I shoot or look for inspiration on Instagram where to travel next.

You can find my work on Instagram

Now a big shout out to JCH himself! Thanks Bellamy, for sharing my new setup and making film great again!


Bastian Block

Thanks for sending us your bag shot again Bastian. Any particular reason for switching to a backpack from an over the shoulder bag?
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