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Off to motor city today. Craig shares his return-to-film bag with us. A lightweight and dependable setup. I love this one.
Check it out.

Greetings from Detroit, Michigan! I enjoy the JCH site for posts about film photography and equipment/photo/book reviews. Love to see other people’s camera bags and their thoughts and plans behind them. Here’s a peek at mine.

From age twelve I’ve used cameras, although my earliest efforts involved animation experiments with Super 8 movies. I attended University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where I explored a variety of interests, not just photography. After graduating, I worked as a designer, hosted and spun records on local radio shows, and began performing in bands. I also researched and wrote a book about early folk and country music in Detroit.

A few years ago, I returned to photography to continue developing my sense of composition, and explore visual ideas. At my job I was often called upon to shoot photos with Nikon DSLRs. When I thought about what I wanted to use for my personal time, I disliked the bulky size of modern DSLRs. Having grown up shooting film, I had no hangups about grabbing a couple of old Polaroid cameras to get started – a Land 250 (with Fuji pack film) and a OneStep (with Impossible Project).

I dived into a personal study of photography via books, exhibits, and the Internet (JCH is a favorite resource). My dad gave me his 1980 Ricoh XR-2s with standard 50mm lens, and I began shooting in the streets of downtown Detroit (where I work) and elsewhere. Last year, one of my Detroit photos hung in a juried exhibition at my alma mater.

In late 2014, a friend offered me a collection of 1970s Olympus OM-2 camera gear, some of which I carry everywhere (see the bag). While I’ve mostly shot black and white film (Kodak Tri-X, T-Max, and Ilford HP5 – stock from my local shop), I loved using Kodak Portra 400 color film during a trip to California last year.

My little Kaukko bag currently contains the following:

Olympus OM-2

Zuiko lens 28mm f/2.8

Zuiko lens 85mm f/2

Yellow lens filter

Red lens filter

OM lens hood for 85mm

Dust blower

Sekonic L-398 light meter

Kodak Tri-X 400 35mm film and empty canisters

Comfortstrap by Hervic

La Cravate wrist strap by Harry Benz

Notebook and pencil

Business cards with my online photo account info, for people I meet while out shooting

Not pictured: LensPen, microfiber cloth, batteries

Keep up the excellent work Bellamy, and thanks!

Craig Maki

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Instagram — @bonesmaki

Thanks fpr sharing your bag and work, Craig. Nice to hear of your journey back to film.
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