Film News: CineStill 120 Film Campaign


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Film News: CineStill 120 Film Campaign
2016 is gearing up to be an fantastic year for film, despite what Fujifilm did to us all. And now we have the chance to make it even better. The awesome guys behind Cinestill are gearing up for a second crack at bringing CineStill 800T to medium format. The 800T has been a Great Success (Borat voice) and now it is time to make it into 120.

Yes, that is right, because of crazy popular demand, the guys have decided to have another go at bringing the wonderful 800T film to 120 format. And they need your help to do it. On their Indiegogo page they have a goal of $120,000, which is definitely achievable. You don’t know what CineStill is? Then educate yourself here.

Some words from the guys at CineStill:

CineStill has been delivering advanced cinema film technology to 35mm still photographers since 2012 and has established itself as a trusted name for film photographers around the world. Since they first released CineStill 800T in 35mm (135), requests for a 120 version have been flooding in and they have been working tirelessly to bring the magic of motion picture film to glorious medium format! They are almost there, but getting here has been no easy task. To set up large scale production and worldwide distribution of a new film they will need the support of photographers around the world. 

With all the new projects and releases, from the new Kodak Super8 Film Initiative, successfully crowdfunded campaigns like Film Ferrania and New55 Project, to record shattering blockbusters like Star Wars Episode VII being captured on film technology, the analog Renaissance is well under way. This is an exciting time to be announcing this project. 

CineStill 120 800T Beta test roll by Adam Goldberg

Some of the biggest names and productions in hollywood (J. J. Abrams’s ‘Star Wars’, Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’, Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’, Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’, etc.) have been GOING BIG by shooting larger 65/70mm IMAX (the closest motion picture formats to 120 available) to get that beautiful medium format look in their films. This new high speed color film for still photography is converted to be compatible with any still photo lab processing, from the same preferred film stock commonly used by acclaimed directors and cinematographers like Steven Spielberg, Wes Anderson, Wally Pfister, Martin Scorsese, David O. Russell, The Coen Brothers, Emmanuel Lubezki and many many others. Now that same unmatched image quality and cinematic look can be accessed by anyone!

CineStill 120 800T Beta test roll by Adam Goldberg

This is really wonderful news. The 800T is an outstanding film on 35mm and it will be even better on 120. As you can see from the sample images, the colour of this film is really beautiful. I cannot wait to get my hands on a couple of rolls to test out.

CineStill 120 Beta test roll 800T by Wirawan Sanjaya (w/ Arri Fresnel hot lights)

You can go and give your support to the guys on the indiegogo page:

They have a cool video and if you support them you could find yourself with a JCH film case too!

CineStill 120 800T Beta test roll by Sandy Phimester

And in case you want to know more about CineStill then check out their site. Guys like these are the future of film.

Let’s all get behind this and make it a reality. 2016 is the comeback year for film, and this would be the cherry on top.


7 comments on “Film News: CineStill 120 Film Campaign”

    Eric February 2, 2016 at 1:54 pm / Reply

    Hihihihihihihi Fuji is losing the face ;-)

    Wessel February 2, 2016 at 4:42 pm / Reply

    I really like this initiative, and my only concern would be that Cinestill might become the victim of their own success. They are using Kodak film stock, and remove the remjet layer that was added for better transportation in motion film cameras. If they become really successful, Kodak might decide to introduce the same product on their own as a new color negative still film, with no more need to first add the remjet layer and remove it again afterwards. That would give Kodak a cost and maybe quality advantage and a better distribution network, and Cinestill would be out of business. Maybe Cinestill might be able to negotiate with Kodak to get the half product without the remjet layer?

    stuart February 2, 2016 at 7:24 pm / Reply

    @Wessel: Very interesting point-keen observation! However, portra 800 and cinestill 800 sell for about the same in 135 currently (quick comparison at and adorama)…I would think that Kodak would be able to do it cheaper, seeing that it is their stock in the first place and as you point out it would be easier for them to leave off the remjet than would be for cinestill to remove it. I assume that Portra 800 and the fast Vision Movie Stock are similar in terms of cost for Kodak, so how can Cinestill be relatively cheap considering all the factors that have been mentioned. Do you follow me/am I missing something?

    Hilde Heyvaert February 3, 2016 at 4:47 pm / Reply

    Now that’s a worthy project to support!

    Lucas Grisham February 17, 2016 at 1:58 am / Reply

    Wessel, as I understand it, that will not happen. The Kodak that makes the film stock is now a different “Kodak” from that which makes our beloved Ektar and TX. As part of bankruptcy, the original Kodak sold the photographic film part of the company, and allow it to still use the “Kodak” brand. So the film-stock company is not allowed to make still film, nor is the photographic film company allowed to make movie film. Yay for CineStill!

    Michael Przewrocki March 17, 2016 at 10:29 pm / Reply

    I see perforations on 120. so it must be cut 70mm. why not offering 70mm and the right cutters? on with one blad, cutting away perforations on one side and two-blade-cutter which is cutting both perforations halfway. the latter should be avoided of film is developped in machines.
    xkaes at aol dot com can deliver. they are affordable. agfa avicolor x 400 is available in 70mm upwards. 126 and 240mm.
    x 400 has no mask, most ideal for b+w and scanning and push/pull-developping without losing colors.
    3Daeropanorama 180° of Jungfraujoch Swiss Alps-see my link- made with N400. was also wonderful film with built in filter.

    Jaime March 10, 2017 at 12:22 am / Reply

    Do you know how to buy it in Japan? I living in Nagoya can I buy it online?

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