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In your bag 1165, Padraic O’Meara
Padraic shares with us his bag which he put together whilst waiting for his wife to get ready. Not half bad for a hastily put together bag shot. Check it out.

I’ve been following “In your bag” for some time now and the other day I was waiting for my wife before we went out for the day and I unpacked my bag quickly and shot this in my kitchen.

I work as a director/cinematographer and a photographer and so I own digital cameras and such, but get great joy and do a lot of my personal projects on film. I shoot a lot of portraits and have in the past couple of years started getting into street photography.

I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa, but now live in Portland, OR. I used this bag and pretty similar contents on a trip back to Cape Town for a couple months recently and it was a pleasure to have each of these things with me at all times. I created a whole new body of work with this bag of things, what a pleasure.

I have different bags and they have different purposes and well lets just call this one a work and play bag. I am shooting street and a couple of long terms projects, making notes and doing drawings with whats in this bag.

So what’s in it.

1. Daler Rowney Water Colour box set
2. Iphone 5s
3. Caran Dache Pastels
4. Red Moleskine softcover notebook
5. Lamy Fountain Pen
5. Sharpie (for marking film if I push it)
6. Pentel Brush Pen
7. Muji Fine tip Ball Pen
8. Small Watercolour paper Moleskine
9. Powells Books Shopping bag (for in case I hit New Seasons for groceries)
10. Leica 90mm f4
11. LTM Canon 35mm 1.8
12. Leica M2 w/ 50mm f2 DR Summicron, Street Strap, TRiX pushed to 1600
13. Sekonic Lightmeter
14. Film, 2x Ilford 3200, 2x Tri X, 2 x Portra 160
15. Ricoh R1
16. Raybans w/ Red Clouds Collective Hangmans noose strap(I drop them)
17. Leica 50mm DR Summicron’s goggles for close focusing
18. Little container of Lemon Drops with special powers
19. Some microfiber cleaning cloths
20. Comme De Garcones Wallet
21. Business cards designed by my wife ( Muji Business card case
22. Shure Earphones

The bag is a Filson/Magnum Mcurry Tote (I love this thing), and I shot this with my Fuji X100T that occasionally makes it’s way into this bag.

My motion work can be found at, my stills work is at and ones all film). And instagram @padraicomeara.

Thank you Bellamy for all the time you spend on your site, and the work you do, it is essential for me.


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Padraic. The M2 and the TriX, what a lovely combo.
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