In your bag 966, Thomas Preyer
Now today we have a bag that is not just full of film goodness, but is also selling something. I have been sent these before, and usually I don’t feature them, but this one I like as I think this is a good idea. Check it out.

Hi Bellamy, hi readers and fellow photographers!

It’s been quite some time since my last bag submission (Bag #443). My name is Thomas Preyer and I am still mainly a Polaroid photographer. What changed since the last time is, that my friend Gilbert and I started a business, which is purely focused on instant photography.

It started with the idea to do photo tours with Polaroid cameras for tourists. Our goal: Showing them our hometown and enabling them to create their own tangible, unique souvenirs. Exactly, Polaroid’s!

We now offer a variety of products and services on our page, including a webshop for camera packages, film and accessories, tours, rentals, events (i.e. weddings) and workshops.

Therefore I am not submitting my personal bag today, but rather our tour configuration.

And this is how our current bags look like:

Polaroid branded camera bag – We got a bunch of them for cheap and they are actually quite convenient to carry. Plus, they were specifically made for Polaroid cameras.

Camera backpack – For bigger groups I have to bring my backpack too. It’s an ACME Made Montgomery Street backpack and really fits my needs as a Polaroid guy.

600 box-type Polaroid cameras, each featuring a close-up lens, a flash and a frog tongue to shield pictures from light. We use this model because it is easy to use and reliable. It is also flexible enough and rather easy to find. One for every attendee and an additional one for demonstration purposes.

SX-70 – My personal camera. I mainly bring it for taking the group picture. Lovely design and a classic camera.

Film cassettes filled with blanks – We use those for demonstrating the use of the camera and have people try out their Polaroid camera, without the risk off ruining precious film.

Box with sample pictures – To show the attendees how possible mistakes could look like and for getting a feel on how their pictures will turn out.

“The Impossible Project” 600 color film – Relatively easy to handle (because of the opacification layer that protects the negative from light and therefore shielding the picture is no longer that important) and our default film for our tours.

Panasonic Lumix LX-5 – Well, there are things you would want a digital camera for. I am thinking about getting a new one, but I am still unsure what camera it’s going to be. I am not a big fan of SLRs because they need so much space and I already have to carry bulky Polaroid cameras.

Flyers & Business cards – For the occasional conversation with an interested observer. People tend to watch with curiosity when a group armed with Polaroid cameras walks past them

Q-Tips – For cleaning dirty rollers.

Lens pen – Clean lenses are important too, even for plastic cameras (actually not in the picture, because I left it at home).

Tour-Map & Sightseeing Booklet – To show what people can expect on the tour. We have ten major attractions, but only eight shots. So people tend to be cautious. Overall it helps them focus and view a city from a new perspective, taking a closer look at their surroundings. We also give them some written information about Vienna and it’s sights.

Google Nexus 7 – For showing people directions and checking tickets.

Google Nexus 5 – Not in the picture, used for taking the bag shot.

Thanks for reading! We would love to have you reach out to us. You can find us here:

YouTube:–HOsh_6aWDg – our YouTube Channel, features tutorials and fun Polaroid related stuff.

If you visit Vienna or have people visiting, please use the code jch10% to get 10% off on a tour with us. We would love to have you on a tour with us!

Cheers Thomas

Thanks for sharing your bag with us again Thomas. Interesting business you have there, I hope it works out for you.
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