In your bag 884, Dan Barlow
Dan has a cool bag and a cool story on how he returned to film. Come and check it out.

Hi, I’m Dan Barlow, owner of Dan Barlow Photography.

For most of my adult life I have been shooting digital which culminated in me starting my own wedding photography business a few years ago. This opened up all sorts of avenues for shooting in challenging scenarios with some fantastic DSLR equipment to make images which I knew my clients would treasure. However, each time I wanted to take photographs for myself, I was faced with the problem of taking out equipment which was my livelihood or just resorting to iPhone images. More often than not, I left the DSLR bag at home and got throwaway images.

I recovered my Praktica MTL-5 from my Dad’s and decided it was time to shoot some film again. I could focus on what mattered with total mastery over the exposure and best of all, I wasn’t spending hours on Lightroom after a day out editing hundreds of images which I rarely printed.
Last year, I shot a wedding for a couple called Becky and Juan. They received their images and shortly afterwards, I received this Canon F-1 and 50 1.4 SSC as a gift from them for my services! This is now my main camera and I’ve built up a set of breechlock lenses (28mm f/2.8, 85mm f/1.8 and 135mm f/2.5) which can cover most situations, this pretty much mirrors the focal lengths of EOS primes I use to shoot a wedding. Despite them sometimes being a pain to mount, I’ve tried to stick with breechlock so they all match and keeps it all consistent and period. I love the feel of these lenses when focussing – even the beat-up 28mm is a joy to use, they make L series focus rings feel like toys.
Being a big fan of Black Rapid straps for work, one had to go on the weighty F-1, it takes the weight right off and puts the camera out of sight and right where you need it. I mainly carry C-41 film, Superia 200 for snapshots and Pro 400H or Portra 160/400/800 for more serious work; I don’t do much landscape but there’s Ektar or Velvia for that.

I like to take photos around my adoptive city of Manchester and I usually end up somewhere fairly insalubrious so the bag had to be compact and not look too much like a camera bag, this Lowepro one fit the bill and is a perfect fit for the smaller-than-EOS size of the lenses. It also holds business cards so people can contact me, post-its and pencils to jot stuff down/sketch things out on, spare zinc-air batteries and a coin to remove the battery cover, a compact lenspen, Hanimex-Sekonic meter and maps/travel cards for any adventures I’m going on – this was taken after a trip to London to shoot the city and to attend a wedding (as a guest for once!)



Thanks for sharing your bag with us Dan, very cool. Nice gift too.
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