Japan Camera Hunter News
A little update on what is happening this month at JCH. Please read.

Yup, big news. Well at least it is for me. I am off back to the motherland, the welcoming bosom of my home, England. I have been working straight 15 hour days non-stop for you guys to bring you the best I can possibly bring, and I am now knackered. So I am going to the UK for a bit of R&R and to spend some time with the family that I rarely get to see. I will be in the UK from the 14th until the 28th of October.
Anyway, enough about what I am doing. What does this mean for you? Well, here are the big points:

All outstanding orders will be completed before I leave. If you are thinking about making an order from the shop, make it now, otherwise after the 14th it will not be shipped until around the 30th. My final day of shipping is going to be the 12th of this month, so get those orders in now.

Camera sourcing
I will still be sourcing cameras and associated bits during my time away. Please note the time difference may throw things off a little bit. I can still order cameras and they will be shipped to an assistant in Japan. Any cameras will be shipped upon my return and inspection of the items.

If you are planning on sending me something to get repaired, please send it to arrive after the 28th, otherwise there is a chance it will get returned to you, and we wouldn’t want that now.

Lots of you lovely people send me lots of lovely things, like books, film and stickers. Please send anything to arrive after I return otherwise I will not get to see them and then I will have sadface.


Meetup in the UK
I am thinking about having a meetup in the UK. Not sure what dates at the moment. But it will most likely be in London. Though I would be quite partial to one in Oxford too, as it is my hometown. If you fancy a few pints and some taking of pictures then drop me a line and we can arrange it. I will not have a great deal of time, but I would like to put some faces to names.

Site updates
There might be a little bit of disruption on the site updates when I actually get on the plane and whatnot. But it should only be temporary. I am reliably informed the England now has intertubes that are wide enough for most things on the web and they only go down when it rains. Don’t worry, I will not leave you shaking in a corner without that update fix.

That is about it I think. I am off on holiday for the first time in a while, and I am looking forward to eating too much, drinking too much and carrying way too much back to Japan.