In your bag No: 660, Eirik Tan
From big to small we go. Eirik shares with us a very very simple setup, all you need when you are out and about. Check out this super sweet bag.

my name is Eirik. I am a photographer from Singapore. I shoot digitally for work. But for most other times, I shoot film.

This is what I carry in my Lowepro Exchange Messenger.

– Canon EOS30. This was my first serious SLR when I first stepped into photography. It has Eye-control focusing but I never use it. I always have a 50mm lens mounted.

– Lomo LC-Wide. My current fav. Somewhat over-priced but I bought it during a sale. I shoot with this camera the most because its fun to shoot without having to think about settings.

– Olympus Mju2. My copy is prone to light leak, and the motor sometimes under-winds, ending with 2 frames partially overlapped. The viewfinder is tiny and I often have problems composing. But the 35mm f2.8 lens is very sharp and this camera is very well-built and small.

– JCH 35mm film case. I use different brands of film depending on whats available and affordable.

I carry at least 1 of these 3 cameras everywhere I go.

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Thank you

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Eirik. And thanks for buying the film case, it looks great.
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