In your bag No: 589, Patrick Valade
Today we have a super tight film bag for you all. Patrick may be a student of the modern techniques, but he shoots film too. And check out how he does it, pretty cool.

My name is Patrick Valade and I am a photo student based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

My bag is usually quite simple when it comes to every day shooting.

Either I have my Contax T2 in my bag (my favorite camera) with a case of colour (usually portra 400, ektar and maybe a roll of old ektachrome here and there) and usually a case of Black and white film (Agfa 100 and tri-x).

I also shoot a lot with my Hasselblad and a variety of films. Occasionally I will bring both cameras with me in a think tank retrospective 30 bag.

You can check out a blog of my current work at
Or I also have a site in the works at

Patrick Valade
Valade Photography

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Patrick. I love the simplicity of this setup. Seems like you have everything that you need.
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