In your bag No: 550, Sam Sanchez
Sam is a returnee. And what a comeback. The last time we saw his bag it was a mixup of film and digital. But it seems that he has been bitten by the film bug hard, and now he has a super sweet film bag for us all. Check it out.

Let me reintroduce myself. I am Sam, a student of Communication Arts in the University of the Philippines Mindanao, and a figital storyteller.

I do not see myself merely as a photographer – rather I am a storyteller of images. Whenever I make photographs, I capture stories of people, places, events, and the anything of everything. The pursuit of memory and story taught me to trust and believe in the timelessness, aesthetic, and philosophy of film photography. It’s quite hard to explain, but as a visual artist, recording the abstract nature of stories and memories with tangible film is the summary of the human experience. After all, we are made up of stories, right?

OK, so much for the philosophical-metaphysical stuff. Last time, I showed you my school bag during my third year at Uni. Bellamy named it “the football bag” for a good (and obvious) reason. Inside were lots of papers and readings, books, a digital and film camera, and MOAR FLEEM!

This time though, I will show you my bag when I return to Uni for my (hopefully) last year of schooling. And yes, I have fully transitioned to 100% film.

The bag is a Highland travel bag. Compact, rugged, and spacious, it was definitely a great buy, considering the affordable price tag.

Inside the bag, we have the:
Kiev 4AM + Helios-103 53/1.8, bought from a seller in Ukraine
Olympus XA, given by my friend and fellow film photographer Rem Lansangan
Olympus AF-1 Mini, my first film camera
FPP 50M Electronic flash, from the folks at Film Photography Project. Only used when needed
Moleskine notebooks, for all the notes, scribbles, and random thoughts
Pilot G-Tec C3 pens, my standard-issue writing tools since high school
iPhone 4S and Alcatec One Touch, both installed with all necessary photography-related apps (light meter, darkroom timer, film log, etc.)
And of course, LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF FLEEM! I shoot exclusively with black-and-white film – traditional or chromogenic. Not to leave the color spectrum behind, I also shoot with color negative film only when the need arises. With my choice of film, I use Agfa APX 100, Ilford stuff (HP5+, FP4+, Pan 100/400), Kodak Tri-X 400 and BW400CN, and Fujifilm Pro 400H & 800Z for color.

I forgot to include the rechargeable AA batteries for the flash. After all, how can I use that bloody flash when there’s no juice in it?

To wrap things up, my work is at I have a tumblelog too, and follow me on the Twitter as I talk about photography, my boring life, and other stuff in between. My Project3.1 is now hosted in WordPress due to Posterous’ decision to close shop by April’s end. Project3.1 is my photo diary during the first semester of my third year at UPMin.

Daghang salamat, and kthnxbye! (That’s “thank you very much” in my mother tongue, Cebuano.)


Thanks for sharing your bag with us again Sam, it is nice to see how it has changed. And thanks for your thoughts on photography. Keep up the good work.
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