In your bag number 193, Bruno Candeias
Todays bag is a beautifully laid out set from Portugal. And the owner is only 18! Wow! Come and see what Bruno carries around with him…

My name is Bruno Candeias, I’m 18 years old, amateur street photographer, from Lisbon, Portugal. And this is my bag!

I recently replaced my Lowepro Nova for this Courser bag. It’s a chinese brand (i wanted a Billingham Hadley bag), but this is much cheaper and gets the job done! I also use it as my school bag, as it fits A4 sized papers.

I opted for shooting mostly film instead of digital – we all know that it has disadvantages, but I just like it more!

So, in my bag I carry

– Leica M2 button rewind – classic camera, very well made.. it’s a joy to use it! Just got CLA’d recently, so it works very smoothly and quiet.. I’m just waiting for a new leather from Aki Asahi, because this old one is falling apart. I use an A&A “the kobe” strap on it – a bit too expensive, but the M2 deserves it!
– CV 35mm Skopar lens for the M2. My dream lens is the 35mm Summicron (1st version), but I don’t have enough money for it now.. and this one does the job well.
– Lomo LC-A with black tape (because it’s broken, it’s my mostly used camera). This one I carry all the time, because it fits in my pocket, it has auto exposure, and the photos actually look good for such a small camera!
– Fuji X100. I’m not carrying it as much as I used to do, I just use it when I’m doing street photography with a flash. (not pictured here)
– Sekonic l-308 light meter, but i usually just use Sunny 16 rule and use the light meter to confirm if I measured it right

– Films: Kodak T-Max 400 in a Rollei Twin pack case, and a Rollei APX 100 (if the sun is too strong, I use ISO 100 in the Leica). I love the strong contrast and the sharpness of the T-Max!


– Timberland leather wallet
– RayBan sunglasses (you can see me taking this picture in the glasses reflection!)
– Swiss Army Knife (very handy and useful tool)
– Sigg water bottle (I love swiss products!)
– Panda keychain, to give me good luck

And that’s it. Hope you enjoy!

Here are the links where you can find me on the net.
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P.S. sorry for the bad english

Thanks Bruno. No need to apologise, the English and the bag are both great. I particularly like the Panda, a very nice touch.
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