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Pictures of Nothing

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Pictures of Nothing

Pictures of Nothing written by Matthew Ritson Matthew Ritson joins us today for a guest article about pictures of nothing and the story they tell. Check it out. We’ve all been there, standing in a gallery, staring at a picture of a seemingly empty space and asked the question, “why?”. Well, it’s an important question […]

Why I appreciate film photographers

Why I appreciate film photographers… by Alex Jackson-Smith A guest post for the weekend. Alex Jackson-Smith discusses how the internet has changed the way photography is perceived, and the arguements that have followed over the digital vs film debate. An interesting piece that is certain to lead to its own discussion. Why I appreciate film […]

Trust me I’m a professional…Or am I? In another guest post from Jonathan Wicaksana, he shares Some thoughts on why you should be happy with your status as an amateur photographer. Read on.