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Dodge & Burn T-shirt Giveaway! So Ted from D&B and I were having a chat, and we thought it would be really cool to do a T-Shirt giveaway. And it is really simple for you to get involved. Come and find out how you can win a snazzy Dodge & Burn T.

Dodge and Burn Free Shipping!

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New Dodge and Burn T-shirts As you know, I love Dodge & Burn T-shirts. They look cool, they feel good and I can show my camera love. I get a lot of compliments from non-camera people about them too. Win. Well, now there is a double win, as for a limited time Dodge & Burn […]

New Dodge and Burn T-shirts Dodge and Burn have some new T-shirts out for your enjoyment. Including the epic 6 by 7. This one is sure to be a huge hit so go and grab one before they are all gone. Read on…

Dodge and Burn Prints Ted over at Dodge and Burn HQ has been a very busy man, what with the huge popularity of his T-shirts and new releases coming all the time. And now he has put out something lovely for all you camera buffs. The new Dodge and Burn Evolution TLR prints. And you […]

New Dodge and Burn T-shirts

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New Dodge and Burn T-shirts As some of you might recall I did a piece about Dodge and Burn T-shirts a few months back. Well now they have a new range out and I got my hands on a couple of them. And I have to say, I like them…a lot.

Dodge and Burn T-shirts

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Dodge and Burn T-shirts I got some great T-shirts in the post the other day, which always makes me happy. Dodge and burn are making some great shirts with classic camera designs.