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Get Featured: Verda Sigura

3 min read
Get Featured: Verda Sigura

Get Featured: Verda Sigura Although Verda hails from arguable one of the most photogenic cities in the world, she shares with us her project shot on the streets of Soho in London. But then, Soho is a special place and has its own unique charms. Check it out. How and why I got into photography […]

Eyes wide open; Being aware

2 min read

Eyes wide open; Being aware I know I post a lot about cameras, but they are a bit of a thing for me, as you all know. Well, this time I thought I should post about something a bit different. Namely spatial awareness. Yeah, I know, keep it about the cameras, but I really feel […]

Hutong Nights, by the 35mm PHOTO bureau So one of the things I have been doing recently is featuring peoples bags. Well, one of the other things that I am going to be doing is featuring peoples pictures too. I love gear, but we must remember what we have it for. So, without further ado […]