JapanCameraHunter Film Cases

JapanCameraHunter Film Cases


Hard film case for 135mm film

We ship worldwide!


Yes, they are finally here! The Japan Camera Hunter film cases!
The cases do exactly what they say, hold films. Each case holds ten films and is made from tough plastic to keep the weather out and your films safe.
As I mentioned before I have really tried to keep the price down as much as possible, but making the mould for these has cost a fortune. I really am making these for the benefit of the photographic community.
Cases are ready to be shipped immediately.

Red cases are now in stock and shipping! 

I ship worldwide via EMS. Shipping is about 1700 for 1-3 cases. Shipping is calculated when you click the order button.

*Special deal* Buy 10 cases and you will get one free!
Shipping is calculated by weight and I will ship EMS, but it actually works out to be the same price to ship 3 cases as it is one case because of the weight threshold, so it will save you money to order more than one case.

Please note, the stickers are not mine and I don’t make them, they are just in the picture. I cannot give stickers away with the case as I just don’t have that many of them. If you want to get some stickers then you can get them from GradeSelect.