Things JCH likes
I got back from vacation and there was a ton of mail. And in that mail was a load of cool stuff that I want to share with you. I figured it would be good to put them all together for you.

I always like to get things in the post and it is extra cool when I come back from a trip, as there is always a ton of mail with all sorts of exciting things. I have a whole load of new books to share with you, but first things first. Here are some goodies that I rather like.

Lumu Lightmeter
This is a fun little thing. A nifty little lightmeter that plugs into your phone and syncs with an app to give you a much more accurate meter. It was up on Kickstarter a few months back and it won all of the funding and then some. This is one of the sample units and I am going to be testing it out to see how things are with it.
At the moment these guys are still doing the pre-order, but the Lumu should be ready for sale.
I will have more information on the meter soon, with a review coming up once I have used it.
Check out their site for more information.

Gradeselect Goods
I always love getting stuff from Ray over at GradeSelect. The T-shirts are cool and the stickers cover everything I own. And this time round I got a cool beanie too.
You can check out the full lineup over at the site, which features a catalog that was shot on impossible film. I swear, I have a load of these T’s and I never get tired of wearing them.

Cub & Co
Joel over at Cub & Co works really hard to make these super cool straps. They have been constantly improved and now come in a cool selection of colours. I love the bandolier too, the Kodak film canisters fit perfectly inside. This is definitely going on my bag.
Check out more of Cub & Co’s gear over at the site.

That’s all for now. Do you have a fun photography product that you would like to share with the JCH crew? You can always drop me a line by clicking here.