A nice little Sunday morning video by my good friend Mijonju. In this video he talks about the new GXR A12 mount from Ricoh. In case you have been living in a cave for the last few months I should probably give you a bit of info. Ricoh announced a few months back that the GXR system (a very innovative idea btw) will finally be getting an M mount unit, so that you can put your M mount lenses onto your GXR…How cool is that? Well, pretty cool, apart from one drawback, it is not full frame, so they are not going to be true to their focal length. But apart from that, you can put your collapsable Elmar or your Summilux onto one of these. I am waiting to see who chucks an adapter on there and puts their LTM lenses on it. I am going to to spoil the video for you by giving you lots of details, watch the video and learn something.

I am insanely Jealous that Mijonju got to test this, he did offer me to come along, but I have been completely knocked out recently with a bout of food poisoning, so I was unable to get my hands on the GXR. Still, I will check it out soon and I might even get one myself.

Check out Mijonju’s video, and subscribe to his youtube page, he is a cool guy and completely nutty about cameras. You can also twitter him to learn more.

Go to the Ricoh official page to see more about the GXR. Here