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In your bag number 37, Gustavo Vasquez from the USA Hey there good camera loving people. Time for another bag shot for you all to salivate over. This time we have a shot from A guy called Gustavo from the USA. Check it out. I’m Gustavo Vasquez, a SF Bay Area photographer based just outside […]

In your bag number 28, Joris from Holland In your bag has been going for a while now, and we have seen bags from all over the world. So it always puts a smile on my face when we have two bags from the same country in a short space of time. We have another […]

In your bag #26 – Davy Maengkom

2 min read

In your bag number 26, Davy from Holland Hey folks, how are we all? I have been very busy making sure you get your lovely film cases, but not too busy to do another bag shot. This time we have Davy, who is from Holland, a country that is close to my heart having been […]

In your bag #19 Shashinka Ichiban

3 min read

In your bag number 19, Shashinka Ichiban from the USA Hello there fine people, sorry for the break in service, website issues made it impossible to post anything for a while. But we are back, and ready with another bag submission. This time we have a bag from the USA, from a rather distinguished guest. […]

In your bag #7 – Roberto Nania

2 min read

Bag no.7 and it is coming from Genoa in Italy This bag belongs to Roberto Nania, who hails from Genoa in Italy. Roberto is rocking a classic Domke F3-X in black, which is battered and bruised, making it all the more desirable. Let’s let Roberto tell us more: This bag is very important to me […]

In your bag #4 – Matt Luttmer

2 min read

Bag shot number 4 and we have an interesting B&W shot for you Thanks to Matt Luttmer for sending todays bag shot in. Matt is a photographer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He shoots medium format and 35mm film. This is Matt’s everyday bag, so lets see what is inside. In Matt’s own words… Lets start […]

In your bag #1 – Ryan Cabal

1 min read

Here we have the very first ‘in your bag’ feature. Well done Ryan Ryan Cabal is an American living in South Korea. He got into cameras because of the infamous Mijonju. He met him back in 2009 through making trick videos with a Japanese wooden toy called a Kendama. Back then, all Ryan had was […]

Remember this? Well, it is back. *UPDATE* I love my camera bags, and I love to see what is inside other peoples camera bag. With that in mind I have decided to run a what is in your bag feature. So, first up we have my most recent acquisition. My limited edition Domke beams edition […]

Domke bags are the business, of that there is not a doubt. Anyone who knows me will know that I am a huge fan of Domke bags, and I have several of them. They are well built, strong, hold more than you can imagine and actually look better with age. They are classic in their […]