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In your bag #58 – Steve Calder

3 min read

In your bag number 58, Steve Calder How are my wonderful bag lovers doing? Hope you are all well and getting stuck in to your new projects. We have an another cool bag for you today. This one has quite a unique feel to it as well. I shall let the owner, Steve, tell you […]

In your bag number 56, Arad Hosseini Hello there bag lovers. How are you all? Do you have a New Years resolution? Mine is to feature more and more bags for you all. And here is another one, the completely fantastic bag from Arad in Stockholm. Take it away Arad:

In your bag #54 – Jason Fan

2 min read

In your bag number 54, Jason Fan The last one of the year and this one is pretty amazing. Look how meticulously this is laid out, it is amazing. Jason has sent this bag shot to us and he should be the one to tell us what he has in the bag:

In your bag #51 – Frank Petronio

2 min read

In your bag number 51, Frank Petronio Back from Christmas with a full belly and some more lovely bags for you. Here is the next in line, Mr. Frank Petronio from the USA. Short but sweet, this one is a real large format bag. Over to you Frank:

In your bag #50 – Gordon Shkurhan

3 min read

In your bag number 50, Gordon Shkurhan Merry Christmas to one and all. I hope that santa has been and emptied his bulging sack for you all:)It has been a wonderful year for Japancamerahunter and the ‘in your bag’ series. On this Christmas day we have another wonderful bag for you all. This time it […]

In your bag #33 – Sean Marc Lee

3 min read

In your bag number 33, Sean Marc Lee from the USA Hello again folks, the bags are coming in thick and fast now, I am trying to put them up as quickly as possible. If you have sent a bag, don’t worry, I have not forgotten you, but I do have a lot to do, […]

In your bag #29 – Ade Ogunsanya

2 min read

In your bag number 29, Ade from the UK/Japan Today we have a bag from one of my friends and fellow Tokyo shooter, Ade Ogundanya. Ade is from London, but by ways and means found himself in Tokyo (don’t we all?). Take it away Ade: I’m Ade a.k.a Street Portraitist, a.k.a floatingcamera. I am software […]

In your bag #26 – Davy Maengkom

2 min read

In your bag number 26, Davy from Holland Hey folks, how are we all? I have been very busy making sure you get your lovely film cases, but not too busy to do another bag shot. This time we have Davy, who is from Holland, a country that is close to my heart having been […]

In your bag #2 – Nando

4 min read

Bag shot number 2, and it is a cracker, hope you enjoy it Well it seems that you all have no problem at all with showing me inside your bags. This is brilliant, keep them coming. I am hoping to do one a day if possible. So, for our second bag-shot we have something really […]