Well, are the world continues to grapple with Covid-19 ands the nutters who think that it was caused by 5G, the sensible folk have been calmly documenting their lockdown film stashes for us. And here are the latest ones.

Frédéric Baboulaz

Hi, this my contribution to this « what’s in my fridge » :).
I’am waiting for Monday 11 where we’ll be free !

You can see this fridge is containing the best combo, films, red wine and champagne ^^
Frédéric Baboulaz

Aaron Pepelis

I post almost full rolls @apepelis in IG.

Norbi Whitney

I’ve moved house, and country, a few times per year since like 2011. I always buy film, then have to move, so put it in storage instead of bringing it through customs multiple times.
During this extended length of time at “home”, I picked up my stashes which I had left at various friends houses over the years.
Of note is some medium format CineStill 800T from the original Kickstarter way back. 100% is almost useless, so I’ll throw it through a Holga soon and see what happens.

Gabriel Fontes

Hey there, my name is Gabriel Fontes and I’m a cinematographer from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
My current film stash is a product of chance since the current exchange ratio between reais and dollars is through the roof!
I got all the portras and the medium format fuji’s through barter with friends.
I’m dying to try the Provias 400 since they are pretty hard to come across. They are, as the Superias and NPCs, expired since 2005.
There a couple of other oddballs like the fujichrome, the old ektachrome, the eterna and the reala! Those I gathered over the last couple of years and Im waiting for a “special” occasion to use them.
Anyways, that’s my stash and I think It should cover me through the lockdown.
My IG is:
Its all film photography there!

Brian Donohue

Hey Bellamy and the JCH team!

I’ve always been a bit of a film hoarder, and the pandemic hasn’t changed that.
I shoot a variety, but my favourite stocks are Streetpan and Ektar.
Itching to shoot the roll of Aerochrome!

And some photos I’ve taken:

Chamonix 45n2 / Ektar 100

Lomochrome Purple – Bronica ETRSi

Thanks to everyone for getting involved and sharing your stashes. I hope you are all staying safe and have found fun new projects to get into. Please feel free to comment below. And don’t forget to share.
Have you shared your stash yet? Your hidden fridge? Come on, get involved. Let’s see what you have uncovered during the lockdown. 

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