Show us your film: Age of Superpan
A few more lovely submissions have come in. But we always need more. Come and check these out and then maybe rummage through yours and share it with the world.

Richard Williams

Thought I’d send you a pick of some of my usual emulsions and some others I’m looking forward to trying over the next few weeks.
Kid and sweet shop come to mind.


Hey Japan Camera Hunter, Alvaro here.

My BLACK box is full of B&W film I collect as part of the research process for the development of the app I launched a couple of months ago #BLACKapp.

I was so excited with the research part of it that went to Ebay to try to find as many film as possible, expired or not. I got with around 40 different films from all different eras, analysed around 20 and only 10 made it to the app.
My favourite was the Agfa Isopan from 1983 I got intact in its little box, I loaded into my Ricoh GR1v, got it shot and develop, but for my surprise… only a couple of shots came out, the rest was blank! I think it was well off for its age, I guess if I get another one and push the exposure way higher, I may obtain nice results.

I love B&W film photo.
Get in touch @alvaroarregui

Cheers from London

Andrea Taurisano

I see you just can’t get enough of our film stashes, so here comes mine.

Actually, my stash looks humble compared to what I see in your pages. But the thing is, I never keep tons of film cause my preferences change a bit over time and I want to be able to move on to my next love without feeling stuck with lots of leftovers. Had you seen my stash one or two years ago, you’d have found lots of Tri-X. Nowadays, the legendary Kodak film has been replaced by the similar looking (but cheaper and less curly when scanning) Rollei RPX400. Staying in the 35 mm department, I always keep a few rolls of Ilford Delta (400 and 3200) and some Kodak color negatives (Portra and whatever cheap stuff I can get my hands on for every day situations).

Moving to 120 format, both my Hassy and my Diana F are always hungry, and I feed them on Kodak TMax and Fomapan 400. They’ve got pretty different looks when scanned, so which is better? Dunno, that’s why I get both. In either case, 400 Iso works better than 100 for my medium format, even in daylight. 

And last but not least, some much improved (but still ridiculously expensive) Impossible film for my Polaroid Sx-70. 

In three days I’ll be heading for Iceland, and the gear choice fell on my Hassy loaded with TMax along with the Polaroid with color film. Cheers!

Andrea Taurisano

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