MS-Optics Apoqualia 35mm 1.4 F MC

MS-Optics Apoqualia 35mm 1.4 F MC

¥160,000 — ¥185,000

35mm 1.4 M-Mount lens for M-Mount cameras.

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MS-Optics Apoqualia 35mm 1.4 F MC

Yes, Miyazaki is back, and with a fast 35mm. This is sure to be a huge hit, so get one whilst you can.
Lens details:

APOQUARIA-G 1.4/35 Full Multi-coating
No.: Focus check:
Leica M-mount lens with 6-bit support
Gauss type with 6 elements in 4 groups, f1.47 / 35.9mm
Focus coupled from infinity to 0.85m, focusable from 0.8m to approx. 0.55m on mirrorless bodies
Filter, hood: M37, P0.75, reversible
Size: Ø 49.5mm, length 23mm, weight 90g (total 115g)
Aluminum alloy lens barrel, ultra-high refractive glass with an ND of 1.8 or higher used for all elements

At f1.4, the central Ø15mm portion of the image has minimal flare and good contrast. Flare increases outside this area towards the corners. By utilizing some field curvature and reducing S.M. astigmatic differences, images with beautiful flare and bokeh shapes with minimal flow are obtained. This flare disappears in the central Ø25mm portion of the image at f1.7 and in the central Ø30mm portion of the image at f2. Chromatic aberrations and color shifts due to magnification are well controlled and can be said to be at apochromatic level. With this lens, you can enjoy changing the image quality, something that cannot be experienced with modern lenses. You can experience the charm of this characteristic particularly when shooting close-up, such as portrait work, between f1.4 and f2.4. When the lens is stopped down to f2.8 to f5.6, resolution increases sharply and chromatic aberrations are minimized, and the simple 6 element 4 group lens configuration with multi-coating on all 8 surfaces enables the colors of the subject to be reproduced as they were in the flesh.

Modern fast wide-angle lenses are bloated in size and have very high performance due to the use of retro-focus optical designs and aspherical elements, but they lack the ability to change the image quality using the aperture. In my opinion, such lenses are just characterless copy lenses. The character of a lens lies in its residual aberrations, and this lens was born out of the desire to design a lens that brings these aberrations together beautifully in a way that can be changed manually.

Limited stocks are available of this lens and there is a waiting period as they come in trickles.




MS-Optics Apoqualia 35mm 1.4 F MC:
35mm 1.4 M-Mount lens