The Ultimate Mamiya 645 Pro TL Set

Original price was: $3,000.00.Current price is: $2,500.00.

Mint minus condition. Could this be the ultimate Pro 645 TL set? Comes complete with the following: 645 Pro TL Body (boxed), 135 film holder (boxed), 120 film holder (boxed), Prism finder (unboxed), AE Prism finder (boxed), Waist level finder (boxed), 120 film holder N (boxed), left hand grip (boxed), Electromagnetic cable release (boxed), magnifier (boxed), Extension rings No.1 No.2 No.3 (unboxed), Battery Grip (boxed), Polaroid back (unboxed) 80mm 2.8 N (boxed), 300mm 5.6 N (boxed) and finally the 80mm 1.9 (unboxed). All are in perfect working condition and show little signs of use. An amazing set, everything you would need to shoot 645. 1 month warranty.

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