MS Optics Vario Prasma 50mm 1.5 M mount


MS-Optics Miyazaki takes on the famed Kino Plasmat with his latest creation.




Miyazaki is back with his latest creation. This time around he has gone for a tried and true focal length, the 50mm. But with a twist. This is the Vario Prasma (Vario Plasmat) 50mm 1.5 lens.

Based on the famed Plasmat lenses designed by Paul Rudolph in 1918. This is a modern interpretation of the lens by Miyazaki, offering some of his unique improvements. The lens has an adjustable spherical aberration ring, that is incorporated into the barrel of the lens, making for easier fine tuning. He has also improved the dampening on the focus and separated the aperture to ensure focussing doesn’t affect the aperture.

Lens Specifications

  • Improved Plasmat type lens
  • Six elements in four groups, focal length 52 mm, max. aperture f/1.58
  • All surfaces multicoated, 97.5% transmission.┬áVariable spherical aberration.
  • Size: diameter 37 mm, length 43 mm, weight 135 grams
  • Focus: infinity to 0.8 meter
  • Spherical aberration adjustment ring
  • Available in Silver Chrome and Black Chrome

For more details and sample images from the Vario Plasmat, check out our article here

The lenses are in production at the moment and we hope to ship in the coming weeks. We make sure to double check all of our lenses so as to ensure there are no issues. As a consequence of this our lenses take a bit longer than others. We will keep all customers informed as to the status of their order as soon as we have information. Current estimated time to receive orders is 4-6 weeks.


Additional Info

Additional information

Weight0.45 kg
Lens Colours

Black Chrome, Black Paint, Silver Chrome