MS Optics Petz 57/2 FMC M mount

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MS Optics Petz 57/2 FMC M mount 

Miyazaki is back with his latest creation. This one is part of his Historio Series of lenses. In case you didn’t know about these, Miyazaki decided to re-create some of his favourite lenses from the past. This time he has tackled the Petzval, one of the truly legendary lenses. And this lens is a real performer too. This one is a sure fire hit.

PETZ 2/57 FMC History Series No.3

The Petzval portrait lens was developed in 1840 by Petzval and Voigtländer. With a maximum aperture of f3.6, it was 20 times brighter than Chevalier’s f11 lens of the same period. Both resolution and contrast were excellent from maximum aperture. Its weak points were field curvature and uncorrected astigmatism. The lens corresponded to about a 180mm – 200mm Leica mount telephoto lens. Besides that, it was commonly said that the lens was unusable because of its harsh swirly bokeh.

The concept for my lens is:

  1. High performance in the center while retaining beautiful smooth bokeh at the frame edge
  2. Easy to use standard focal length slightly longer than normal

To achieve this, I reversed the positions of the rear concave/convex elements and spaced these elements further apart. In addition, I used glass with a high refractive index for the two concave elements, and thus succeeded in developing a portrait lens with a maximum aperture of f2.05. My lens also realizes large circular coma flare with minimal harshness around the edge of the image, something that is desirable for a Petzval type lens. As the lens is stopped down, softness is reduced considerably, and by f4 to f5.6 the flare is gone and image quality is very good across the entire frame.

Lens Specifications

Improved type Petzval lens

Four elements in four groups, focal length 57.3 mm, max. aperture f2.05

All eight surfaces multicoated, 97.5% transmission

Filter and hood thread size 40.5 mm

Size: diameter 37 mm, length 37 mm, weight 110 grams

Focus: infinity to 1 meter

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Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Lens Colours

Black Chrome, Silver Chrome

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