MS Optics Fluorit Super Apochromat Aporis 135mm F2.4 Full MC T-Mount


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Miyazaki has been working on this lens for ages, and ages. Finally he has come out with the final version of this lens, in T mount!

There are two versions of this lens you see. One is aimed at full frame Leica mount cameras, the other at mirrorless cameras. the non focus coupled type will only work with cameras with a Live View function. I will leave it to Miyazaki to explain why;

Seven years ago, I designed an objective lens for a telescope that utilized fluorite glass. This experience taught me just how amazing this kind of glass is for correcting color aberrations. Thanks to the goodwill of Canon Optron, I too can now utilize this kind of glass.

I researched the fast 135mm focal length, which is the type of lens for which the most benefit can be expected, and after much effort designing something based on the low nd of 1.43, I decided to use an Ernostar optical design with its minimal coma. The front element is a large thick piece of fluorite to realize a high performance lens with a maximum aperture of f2.4.

T mount lens

Ernostar type Fluorit Apochromat

135mm F2.4 (angle of coverage)

Focusing – 1.6m to infinity

Focus coupled type –  (1.8x magnifier sold separately)

Adjusted for minimum SA and coma at 10m


SA -0.15 (extremely good)

AST -0.11 SM

Distortion – perfect

Within +-0.2 (1.6m to infinity)

f2.4 is a bright aperture but contrast is high across the entire image plane (image at 15m)

At f4 – f5.6, IQ is extremely good

Looking through a spot C (red), the spot image at 10 lines is perfect

There are limited amounts of these lenses available and they are on a pre-order basis. They will arrive in trickles from now, so it may take several weeks of weeks for your lens to be ready. I shall contact all customers when the lenses are ready to ship.