MS Optics Apoqualia 28mm f2 Ver:III


3rd version of the famous Apoqualia 28mm lens. Improved ergonomics.

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MS Optics Apoqualia 28mm f2 Ver:III

Easily Miyazaki sans most popular lens. This is the 3rd iteration of his Apoqualia 28mm lens. The optical formula is the same, but the cosmetics have changed a little bit with a more rounded shape and a grip on the edge of the lens for easier fitting. It is still tiny though.


Due to the retro-focus designs and aspherical elements that have become the norm in recent years, 28mm F2 lenses now have very high optical performance. However, such lenses are bigger which makes them poor for doing footwork. I am always aiming for something unique so I continued my research on a compact gauss formula lens and finally came up with an extremely compact lens only 50mm in diameter, 9.8mm long, and weighing just 70 grams that delivers my kind of character and gentleness of performance.


Astigmatism is fully corrected (although field curvature of about 0.3m/m remains) and a beautiful circular image with beautiful bokeh is obtained at the point of focus. Chromatic aberration is minimal and on par with what you would expect for an APO lens, and curvature is minimal at about 1/5 to 1/8 that of a retro-focus lens. Sagittal coma, which is a weakness of the gauss design, cannot be avoided, and coma flare increases from the middle of the image towards the corners at f2 to f2.5. However, the center 20mm circle of the image has good sharpness and contrast to emphasize a subject placed at the center. The focus shift from the center out to the 70 degrees position is about 0.2m/m, which is minimal but you might notice it if shooting flat surfaces wide open to f2.8.

To use this lens skillfully, it is important to combine its strengths and weaknesses. Performance is very good when the lens is stopped down to f4 and beyond, making it a good all-rounder lens. f2 to f2.5 is the aperture range in which the character of this lens appears, and the high contrast in the center 20mm circle and beautiful flare wide open can be utilized to good effect.

Please note this lens does not work with Bessa cameras. Though Miyazaki declines to mention why.



Gauss type with six elements in four groups
Focal length = 28.8mm
Maximum aperture = f2.08
Leica M-mount
Focusing = coupled from 0.9m to infinity, from 0.6m to 0.9m on mirrorless bodies
Filter thread = 28mm with 0.75mm thread pitch
Size = 50mm diameter x 9.8mm length
Weight = 70 grams

@ f2 Resolution over the entire field is good
Outside the center 20mm circle, coma flare increases and contrast drops

@ f4 High image quality over entire field
Beautiful image with no astigmatism

@ f8 Highest resolution
Waviness in contrast is due to image plane field curvature

Limited amounts available in black chrome now.

The 2nd grade has some slight tooling marks on the barrel. The serial 000 is the first serial lens.

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Lens Colours

Black chrome 2nd grade, Black Chrome, Black Chrome Serial #000, Black Paint, Silver Chrome

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