JapanCameraHunter Pink 135 Half Cases (For Cancer Research)


Pink JCH half cases. 10% of proceeds go to Cancer Research. Be a champ and support this important cause.



The original JCH half size 135 film case. Perfect for a day out. Now in PINK! And because this is important to me, 10% of all proceeds will go to cancer research charities worldwide. Please support this effort as it is something that affects us all.

It is very simple really, a half size case to fit 5 rolls of 35mm film. Just what the doctor ordered.

The cases are made from a durable and tough plastic, that will keep your films safe from the elements, but most importantly from light. They are lightweight and small enough that you can fit into your bag without taking up too much space.

The dimensions are L 136mm x W 31mm x H 50mm

All shipping is done via EMS, and shipping is automatically calculated by weight and destination. All you need to do is click the order button.

Customers from Germany please note; Due to new shipping rules, all shipments to Germany now require a phone number on the shipping documents. Please make sure you supply a phone number with the order.

These cases are not waterproof or X-ray proof.


Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 80 g

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