Photography zines and books No: 32
It has been a couple of months since the last books and zines post. And that is not for lack of submissions. The Xmas period and moving to a new office has slowed things down considerably. But now I am finally starting to get organised and should be able to share all of the wonderful submissions more regularly. Check out this fantastic crop.

Wake Up, We’re Here by Analog Sunshine Recorders

This heavy bound book was passed to me by the lovely people at Treehouse in Hawaii. Born of a collective and a dream for the Great American Roadtrip, this book documents the groups journey through the USA.

The group shot the project entirely on film, over 18 days and 3000 miles of the roads of the USA. The trip was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign and took the group on a very interesting series of adventures, which were caught in their many different styles.

The book is a fascinating mix of styles, which whilst very different, seem to compliment one another well. There is everything from street, through landscape and documentary and on to abstract pieces. Yet they work together to give you a sense of the travel and the groups cohesion.

There are too many photographers to list here individually, And there is no longer a website for the group, it would seem. But one of the principal members seems to be John Hook

You might be able to get yourself a copy from the guys at Treehouse. Though don’t quote me on that. Still, if you do it is a lovely addition to any book collection.

Night Ride by Christopher de Bethune

Christopher has been on the site before, with a brilliant bag shot. And now he is back, with this wonderful book. Night Ride covers the night in the city, with all of its characters, pitfalls and dreams.

There is a quote at the start of the book “La nuit est chaude, elle est sauvage. La nuit est belle, pour ses otages” which means “The night is warm, it is wild. The night is beautiful, for its hostages” And I think this sums up the book perfectly. 

The book shows the side of the street that only comes out at night. The sinners and saints, the bits and pieces of humanity that fall through the cracks and get lost in the tidal flow of life.

I like this books as it reminds me of the subject matter that I used to shoot and how I miss shooting it. Though not enough to go back to shooting it. When you look at people close up when they are uninhibited, sometimes you see things in yourself that you hadn’t really understood could be the things that are destroying you. This book gives me the time to ponder without the destruction that used to go with it.

I think this is a worthy addition to any collection of photo books and if you can get your hands on a copy then you definitely should.

You can see Christopher’s bag shot here. And you can check out his website here

South of the River by Hippolyte Moulun

Hippolyte was featured on the site a few months back, sharing with us images from his work shooting the streets of Peckham in South London. Hence South of the River. This book expands on that work, showing the streets of London that are not paved with gold.

Peckham is a fascinating place. Whilst it is all being gentrified now, there are still parts of it that retain the grit, anger and perseverance that usually gets whitewashed over. At night Peckham becomes a different place, far from the £5 latte’s and sourdough sandwiches, which Hippolyte shows us in this book.

He shows us the streets, the people and how they survive the nights. Peckham can be an unforgiving place, even in this surveillance age. But this work shows us that London character that is so familiar.

This book was made in an edition of 50, I am sure they have probably all sold out by now, but you never know. Check out Hippolyte’s site and learn more

Waikiki by Various

This is another book from Treehouse in Hawaii. When I was there last year I got passed a huge bundle of books and they still keep on appearing as if from nowhere. This one is a lovely little book of various photographers impressions of Waikiki.

This book is interesting because it is not the sun and sea shots that so many other books are. The first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘Hawaii’ is palm trees and blinding sun. But it is not always like that.

You have the sixties legacy architecture, that reminds you of a golden age of touristic hedonism. The buildings change their interiors, but still have the semi crumbling visage and interesting design cues.

This is a great little piece of work by a bunch of very passionate film photographers. I love going to Hawaii, as it constantly surprises me how many people have a passion for film photography.
You can find out more about this book from Treehouse

Forms of Obsession by Benn Murhaaya

Now this book is fascinating. Forms of Obsession is a thick and slick book by Benn Murhaaya. And it shows us the scene behind the glam images of fetish that have become more popular and mainstream in the last few years.

Benn trues to show us what goes in inside someones obsession, by capturing the intimate moments of preparation and the after effects of what peoples obsessions drive them to do.

But the really interesting thing about this book is Benn’s obsession, which could not be further from the glamour of the fetish scene. Benn likes apartment blocks, and the utilitarian architecture that makes them so devoid of emotion. A complete abstract from the rest of the book.

I like this book as it is a scene that I have tried (and failed) to capture in the past. Yet Benn has made it his own, through the sharing of obsessions.

You can check out his work and possibly get a copy of this book at Benn’s site

Various by Sam Waller

Sam sent me a whole bunch of books. At least, I think they are all his. I certainly hope they are, as there is nothing on any of them to say who they are by. If they are not Sam’s then I wholeheartedly apologise.

I cannot possibly review all of these books completely, so instead I am just going to show a few images from the various books. Most of them seem to revolve around travel and collage. With images that are interspersed with cutouts, text and pop culture.

They are all fascinating to read and enjoy. They show the passion that goes into documenting a life. Sometimes I wish I had the patience to do this myself, but then I realise that I wouldn’t have all that much to show anyway.

Unfortunately Sam has not given me any other details about himself. So I don’t have any links to share. I guess he is too busy cranking out these awesome little zines.

Hold the press, I think I found a link for Sam

Thanks to all the guys for their submissions, it is a really cool thing to be able to share them all with you. And remember, this is open to everyone, all you need to do is send one to me. If you would like to have your zines or books featured then all you have to do is mail me. Hopefully there will be plenty more of you who want to get your books and zines out there to the world. Another instalment will be coming soon.