March of Film is coming
Spring approaches and that mean March of Film is almost upon us. Don’t know what that is? Then read on and find out more.

March of Film is a month long photo event with a few aims. Mainly to promote film, but also to get your creative juices flowing and to encourage you to get out there and shoot. I am all for that. Sometimes it is nice to be able to get involved with something that gives you the impetus to get out there and shoot something different. And March of film will have a load of different themes for you to choose.
Last years themes included Secret World, Nickel And Dime, Top and Torn apart. That is a pretty interesting mix.
The themes will be posted online on the 1st of March and from then on you will be able to Submit your images.

In the words of the peeps behind March of Film…

“Grab your favorite cameras, load up that film you’ve been wanting to try, get out there & have some fun!”

We will post 31 themes on our website on March 1. Shoot one theme or shoot them all!
Submit your photos to our new photo upload page Also share your photos on twitter using the tag #marchoffilm
The March of Film crew will be curating a ‘zine with the help of Pdexposures to feature a selection of great submissions!
And bonus for 2014 – if you shoot all 31 themes you’ll be entered to win the coveted March of Film trophy!

This looks like it will be a lot of fun and loads of people will get to share their work and their film experiences. I totally support this sort of thing and I hope that you can all get involved and make it another fun and filmy year.
So stock up on film, get your camera ready and get shooting. As if you need an excuse.

You can check out their site here