Jesse’s Visual Interviews: Sakulchai Sikitikul

This week’s edition of Jesse’s Visual Interviews treats us to the sharp eyes, quick hands, and amusing wit of Sakulchai Sikitikul

Q1: Who are you? 

Q2: What is your favorite way to waste money?

Q3: What do you consider the most underrated virtue? 

Q4: When are you happiest? 

Q5: What did your first kiss feel like? 

Q6: Where is home?

Q7: Which body parts (yours or otherwise) do you feel the most affection for? 

Q8: What’s a recurring theme in your life?

Q9: How do you define childhood? 

Q10: What is your favorite time of day?

Q11: Who is your favorite person?

Q12: Which person or place do you miss that only exists in a photo?

Thank you for your responses, Sakulchai!

Just came across a few photos from him on Instagram and was blown away by the quality of his work! Everything you would expect from a great street photographer…great wit, humor, irony, intelligence, etc. Almost feel like he toned it down a bit to focus on the actual questions which is good either way as sometimes the interviews come off as a portfolio dumping ground which I am for either as all of it reveals a lot about the photographer that complex questions simply can’t show through words. Do yourself a favor and check out his links that serves as a “Motifs in Street Photography 101”




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