Jesse’s Visual Interviews: Drew Hopper

Get to know Australian photographer Drew Hopper through his beautifully toned monochrome responses in this week’s edition of Jesse’s Visual Interviews.

Q1: Who are you? 

Q2: What is your favorite way to waste money?

Q3: What do you consider the most overrated virtue? 

Q4: When are you happiest? 

Q5: What did your first kiss feel like? 

Q6: Where is home?

Q7: Which body parts (yours or otherwise) do you feel the most affection for? 

Q8: What is your favorite vice?

Q9: How do you define adulthood? 

Q10: What is your favorite time of day?

Q11: Who is your favorite person?

Q12: What is the most important thing in any relationship?

Thank you for your responses Drew!

Came across Drew’s work on Instagram, since after one goes up, I tend to get a lot of adds. I used to not check them since I will usually get deleted after a day, but recently I started checking the work of people who add me for potential interviews, etc. At the time he had a series based on his Vietnam photos which were beautiful plays on darkness in which he used the traditional conical hats as triangular compositional elements that also gave the photos a surrealistic anonymity. His love of travel is suggested in his response to question number two. Check out his links below for more:





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