JCH Post Roundup 2019

Ay yay yay as unbelievable as it may seem, 2019 is almost over and closes another decade in the books. Seriously, where does the time go? But what a year it has been. For us here at JCH HQ it has been another incredible year with a new look and website, some thrilling scoops, new collaborations and of course amazing finds. Thanks to everyone for making the JCH site and community so enjoyable. Seeing as this time of year is traditionally a time of reflection, let’s dial back the clock a bit and do a big roundup of the most popular posts of 2019. Without further ado, here are 2019’s top 10 posts.

Rant: Don’t be an ‘Influencer’

The 2010’s saw the rise of social media “influencers” and influence they did. This was a hot piece about the culture stemmed from this phenomenon and some hilarious personal experiences.

Rant: Don’t be an ‘influencer’

The JCH Tokyo Camera Shopping Guide (Updated for 2019)

One of the all time most popular articles on the entire site, we revamped our Tokyo camera shopping guide and updated it for 2019. No where else will you find such a comprehensive guide and maps to the best shops in Tokyo for your photography gear hunts.

The JCH Tokyo Camera Shopping Guide (Updated for 2019)

Camera Geekery: Pentax 67

The legendary Pentax 67ii has made a huge comeback in popularity in recent years and the prices have reflected that demand. Same exact results with pretty much the same camera for a lot less dough? We introduced and reviewed the Pentax 67 below.

Camera Geekery: Pentax 67

Film Review: Cinestill Film

Cinestill caused quite the splash when they vaulted off the diving board and canonballed into the film photography swimming pool these last couple years. The short supply of stock everywhere can attest to that. Personally, it has become a fav and you’ll always find a roll in my JCH film cases. We took a look at this big hit in all its iterations below.

Film Review: Cinestill Film

Photography: Ars-Imago Lab-Box + Monobath Review

Another big announcement of the year was the arrival of the Ars-Imago Lab-box after backers to the Kickstarter patiently waited for what seemed like an eternity. Was it worth the wait and hype? Take a look at our review below.

Photography: Ars-Imago Lab-Box + Monobath Review

Film News: The Yashica Plot Thickens

The once respected name of Yashica made its rounds in the news this year but not in the way it probably had hoped. “There is no such thing as bad publicity” was an idiom truly tested by their recent antics. If you missed out, get caught up below.

Film News: The Yashica Plot thickens

Camera Geekery: MS Optics ISM 50mm F/1.0 M Mount

Consumers have shown their need for speed and major manufacturers have produced some fast lens options in recent years. Cult lens maker Miyazaki san of MS Optics obliged as well with the release of the MS Optics ISM 50mm f/1.0. Does the lens hold its own against the legends of speed? Check out our comprehensive review below.

Camera Geekery: MS Optics ISM 50mm f/1.0 M mount

Camera Geekery: Ricoh GR Lens 28mm F2.8 L39

Our look at this little obscure lens proved quite interesting and popular to people and revealed itself to be quite the gem of a find. See how it compares to its red dot counterpart below.

Camera Geekery: Ricoh GR Lens 28mm f2.8 L39

Camera Geekery: My Favourite Finds Pt. 4

One of the biggest joys we get here at JCH is finding cool swag for our beloved customers . Here’s a look at the more rare, interesting and noteworthy finds of the year.

Camera Geekery: My favourite finds Pt. 4

Camera Geekery: MS Optics Vario Prasma 50mm 1.5 M MOUNT

The first lens to be released in the new era of Reiwa in Japan, Miyazaki san reinterpreted an oldie but goodie into this portrait master. Check out and review the unique features of this quirky lens below.

Camera Geekery: MS Optics Vario Prasma 50mm 1.5 M mount

Camera Geekery: No Your Nazi Leica is NOT Real

The other “N” word is guaranteed to always cause a stir and so there’s no surprise the reaction we got with this piece. Just in case you missed it, check out our article on the weird niche market for fake Nazi Leicas.

Camera Geekery: No your Nazi Leica is not real

120 NOT 120mm Film

Followed closely in cultural relevance to #metoo was the #120mm tag on all social media platforms in the last couple years. I kid of course, but here we find ourselves breaking our silence and speaking up about what’s factual and right.

120 NOT 120mm film

So there you have it, the JCH Post Roundup 2019. It has been a fantastic year, traveling all over to get cameras, new products and exclusives. And I could not have done it without all of your support. Thank you to each and every one of you. Let’s hope 2020 and the new decade is even better. We got some exciting new things coming up very soon. Stay tuned and have a fantastic New Year.

All the best