JapanCameraHunter Brand Film

I have had an idea, but I would like your feedback.

Recently I have been thinking about different ways that I can promote film use and get more people shooting more film. There are lots of ways that I could do this and I do try to promote film photography as best I can, but a couple of things happened recently to make me think I could scale things up.

Firstly I saw the recent success of a couple of Kickstarter campaigns most notably Dave Powell’s one for his book https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1685238983/shoottokyo-the-book (well done Dave).
And the Lomo one for their instant camera. (I will not link this on principle, I don’t think companies with large resources at their disposal should be using Kickstarter. But that is another debate).

And this got me thinking, how could I get people shooting more film? By releasing a film that they would want to shoot of course. In recent years lots and lots of the really good emulsions have been axed. So wouldn’t it be cool if we could bring something back that people would really love.

Now, I happen to know a few bods in the film industry and got talking to one of them about the feasibility of actually doing something like this. Releasing a JCH brand film, perhaps reviving an old emulsion, or making use of one that is current but not well known. And as the saying goes, if you have enough money, anything is possible. I was told it could be done, but it was going to take Kickstarter kind of cash.

But, fortune favours the brave, so I think it could be done. I would like to make a JCH photographic film, and I would like to make it a good quality film, that is easy to use and gives consistent results. I have always tried to stay away from Kickstarter et al (I financed the film cases myself), but I would need peoples help to do a project of this size. But that comes later.
First of all, there are a loooooot of creases to iron out before I do actually start something ( I have to work out if it will leave me shattered and broke). But I thought it might be nice to ask you guys, the JCH community, what sort of film you would like to see? Mono, or colour? 120 or 135? Slide?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below and lets see if we can make this actually happen.
Oh, and please don’t say Kodachrome/Aerochrome, because we all know that isn’t going to happen.