Japan Camera Hunter news
There has been a lot going on lately, so I thought I would take this opportunity to fill you in and let you know what is in store for JCH.

Well, it has been a busy month for me. I have not only been finding cameras for all you lovely people, but I have also been taking a lot of pictures, attending workshops and working on some interesting projects for the future of JCH. So, sit back with a tasty beverage and let me tell you what is going on.

If you take a look at the sidebar on the right you will notice that JCH has two new sponsors. JCH is actually expensive to run and having sponsors helps to cover those costs. I will only have sponsors that I consider to be relevant to JCH and photography. I have had all kinds of offers and I will not support something that I would not use myself.
First up we have Lance Camera Straps. I have done a review on them in the past and found them to be great strap. Check those guys out. They also have free worldwide shipping, which is nice.
Second we have Street Photography Presets. This is a new one and they are a new company. They make presets for you to use to change the outlook of your pictures. These are presets made by photographers for photographers. Check them out, they are very good.
If you have a product or service that you think is relevant to JCH and would like to have an ad space you can contact me here about it Sponsor Japancamerahunter.

Film Film Film

Yes, that is right, I am completely knees deep in film right now. Because…….*drumroll*
Yes, that is right, after an insanely long wait, the film cases have arrived and I have started shipping them. I will ask everyone to please be patient, it is going to take some time for me to ship them all. I am going as quickly as I can and I will send you a notification when I send them. If you want your case signed then please leave a notification on the paypal payment, otherwise I may well forget.
As a result of the success of these, I am going to put another batch into production. And, yes, I have decided to put the 120 cases into production too. I am working with the maker at the moment to have the mould made and to work out the best plastic to make it from. I am also looking at possibilities for a hybrid case and a mini case. Watch this space.
I am also working on some special edition colourways for the cases, so we should see something interesting coming soon. Hopefully we will have some collaboration cases in the pipeline too.

And as a reminder, the Buy Film Not Megapixels stickers are not made by me, so I cannot give them out with every case. If you want some stickers, T-shirts or gear then go to Gradeselect and grab some of the tasty goods. I am working with the guys at gradeselect to come up with a JCH collaboration T-shirt and sticker line. Watch this space for these, they will be super cool.

In your bag news

In your bag has become bigger than I ever thought it would be. It is awesome to see so many people sharing their bags and thoughts with us. I love them all. Keep them coming and I will keep featuring them. Please remember that the more info you put on the bagshot, the more chance it has of getting featured. And better pictures mean a happier JCH.
We are coming up to number 365 soon, and I hope to have some really fantastic bags to share with you.
I am also looking at the possibility of producing a limited edition ‘In your bag’ book, featuring my favourite bag shots from the last year. There are plans on the drawing board and I think you guys will like what is in store.

MS Optical lenses

I have finally started to ship the Sonnetar lenses, at a slow pace. The lenses are all handmade and take take to be produced. As soon as I get them I ship them. We are hoping to produce a send batch next year, and I am looking into the amount that can be made at the moment. I am also entertaining the idea of attempting to develop a lens that is exclusive to JCH. We will see how that goes, but it is an idea I am very interested in.

So there you have it. There is a lot going on and it is a very exciting time for me. I hope that you enjoy what is going on and that you will like what is coming in the future. If you have suggestions or would like to participate or contribute to JCH then let me know.