Introducing the JCH StreetPan Kassha
Many moons ago I was given a disposable camera, and it was fantastic. I had a blast shooting it and getting the images back. Which is when I thought to myself “I want to put StreetPan in one of these”. So I did, and this is the result.

After months of planning, pulling out the little that is left of my hair the JCH StreetPan Kassha is finally here!
Now the Kassha is a simple little beast. It is not going to change the world. It will give you some great times and should make your StreetPan really sing too. The Kassha is a disposable 27 shot camera loaded with lovely StreetPan.

We also thought that this would be a good opportunity to have a bit of a laugh with the label and packaging. So we have made a label that should provide a few chuckles for people. We also managed to get a couple of points to make the cameras stand out, the red highlights on the buttons are unique to the Kassha.


The Kassha is not just a disposable camera, it is a portable Japanese lesson too. Kassha is an onomatopoeia and the Japanese word for the click sound of a camera shutter (cool huh?).

The camera is a very simple disposable design, with a flash, a fixed focus 31mm f9 lens, and a very cool look. Take your Kassha with you and click away! (bonus points are added if you say “kassha” every time you click the shutter.)

These are going to be available in limited quantities as they are a bit of a headache to make. So don’t miss your chance to run around shouting “Kassha” at everyone!


You can grab a Kassha now through the shop on the site, follow the link here Click here for a Kassha
You can also get yourself one from your local StreetPan supplier, Just ask them to get some. They are on their way to stores and suppliers now.

And no, this is not the compact camera that I am working on. That one will be a little bit more complicated and will take a fair bit more time. Good things come to those who wait.


Kassha sample images: