In your bag 455, Alex Corona
Alex has a lovely simple bag for us, with a camera I almost never see. Come and have a look.

My name is Alex and I’m a 23 year old from Riverside, California. Just recently got into photography about 8 months ago.  I knew absolutely nothing about photography, was never into it as a kid or teen. One day I was just browsing through eBay and saw this Canon 10D for sale, I put a random bid on thinking I wouldn’t win, but to my surprise no one outbid me. I had no clue what a DSLR was let alone how to use one when it came. It was a rather steep learning curve but I picked up quickly.

Everything I know I learned from browsing forums and watching youtube videos, I’d say Eric Kim made the biggest impact on me. He’s the one person I can name that changed the way I shoot and got me into street photography. I also find it kinda neat that he used to teach a street course at the university right up the street from me, if only I was into photography back then I would have loved to have taken it.

Any how I digress onto the gear:

Cosina STL 1000 SLR

I originally picked this body up just for the lens, but it has quickly become my favorite full frame.

Canon 10D

I absolutely love the sensor on this camera, the colors are just spot on. It’s the workhorse out of the whole bunch.

The only downside is that it maxes out at ISO 1600, so it will soon get replaced with a 6D.

Petri Compact E

I switched to using just film for street duty and this camera is a pleasure to shoot with.

It’s tiny, as you can tell by comparing it to the cellphone. The shutter is deadly quiet,

you can’t hear it unless you have it next to your ear. Takes regular 135 but shoots only half.

Lens on it is a fixed 28mm 2.8.

The cellphone doubles as a light meter and as a way to show people my work. It has an HDMI output so I can connect it to any modern television and put on a slideshow. Additionally it has two powerful LED lights that come in handy for all shorts of photography needs.

Vivitar 28mm 2.5(mounted on the 10D)

I purchased this lens online on the premise that it was M42 mount, but it turned out to be Canon FD mount. Which is a nightmare to adapt to the Canon EF system. I turned on my fab skills and converted the lens from FD to EF myself. I took off the mount and replaced it with one I got from a set of EF macro tubes, then I figured out a way to add an aperture link. It worked out great, the lens is able to focus to infinity.

Cosina 50mm 1.7

This is by far my favorite lens. It’s sharp wide and has nice buttery bokeh, it’s also one of those lenses that can actually swirl it under the right conditions. If their vintage stuff is this nice it’s no wonder they make Zeiss and Voigtlander lenses now. I use it on the DSLR and SLR 90% of the time.

The film I regularly use is T-Max 100 and Ultramax 400 for color. It’s not the best color film, but I can pick up 3-packs at the dollar store. Can’t complain about 33 cents per roll! I just finished my first roll of Porta 160, I might not want to go back to the cheap stuff if it really turns out to be as good as they say.

Polaroid Studio Backpack

I’m not really a big fan of bags, I’m more of a one body/one lens kind of shooter.

It’s just filled with my Canon autofocus lenses, speedlight, extra battery, etc… the norm.

The bag itself is very comfortable to wear and has a nice full tripod strap.

You can see my work at:

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Alex, it is not often you see someone shooting a Petri.
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