In your bag No: 654, Tim Heubeck
Trust Germany to keep the bags simple and straight to the point. Tim shares with us the simplest of bags, one that he has been through a lot to find. Check it out.

Hi everyone,
My name is Tim, I´m an amateur photographer based in Germany.
What do I shoot? Well I really like traveling, in fact I just got back from China and Vietnam.
So I do travel photography which includes many different genres (People, Landscape,…)

Besides that I really enjoy street photography.

As you can see my bag is quite simple.

X100s, Ipad mini, Billingham Bag and other small things like batteries, cellphone, SD cards,…

I used to carry around a hole load of gear, 1-2 Dslr Bodys and a selection of lenses.
Switched brands last year from Sony to Canon (even heavier 5D..)
But I got tired of that, so what I recently did is sell all my dslr stuff and upgrade from my X100 to the X100s.
So thats what I´m shooting with, perhaps I found the camera of my dream. It´s all that I need and want :)

Thanks for reading along :)
Oh yes, nearly forgot about that, social media links:


Thanks for sharing your bag with us Tim. That is almost exactly the route I took, too much gear, so I made it simple. Thanks for sharing.
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