In your bag No: 635, James Mignogna
Man, todays bag shot is stunning. Some really beautiful cameras that get put to good use too. Come and check out this passionate film shooters bag.

My name is James V. Mignogna. I’m a fine art photographer working in NYC and living across the Hudson in dirty Jersey. I work at The International Center of Photography in the facilities department, mostly helping to keep their darkrooms humming.

I have been, until about two weeks ago, exclusively a film shooter, but with the birth of my first beautiful boy three weeks ago I have bought a Fuji X10. It’s a fine little shooter that this photo is taken with. Having said that, nothing will replace my Leicas and film for my personal work. I, like most if your readers I suspect, have just far too strong a love affair with the older ways to stray too long. It’s just the best medium for the aesthetic I love.

The bag is a Domke waxwear bucket.

1969 black enamel Leica M4 with a black enamel brass dragon soft release from match technical.

1969 Leica M2-R with a Wasserman rapid rewind crank and reskinned in mahogany kid skin leather from

4 lenses:

The 2 M mounts are both summicrons. One is a 35 and the other is a 50.

The other  two are LTMs: a 35mm summaron and a 50mm summitar, which might just be my favorite.

I also have my Widelux F7 here. I don’t always step out with it in the bag, but it’s in there often enough that I included it in this photo. It’s definitely a part of my regular 35mm kit.

My meter is a Pentax digital spot. I also have 2 lead lined film safes that carry 4 rolls each stripped and ready. Both film safes and meter have industrial Velcro on them so that I can affix them to my bag strap.

I keep Tmax 3200 in one and Fomapan 400 in the other.

Finally I have a microfiber lens cloth, a moleskin journal and fisher space pen to jot notes.

Then sometimes I have a small book in the bag, too. I left it out for purposes of space, but now I have The Great Wall of China, by Franz Kafka.

So that’s my bag.
Hope it’s of interest.
Keep up the great work.

James V. Mignogna

Thanks for sharing your bag James. That M4 is lovely, I have been debating on if I should get one, and that is not making it any easier.
Unfortunately there are no links to check out, so you shall just have to enjoy and comment.

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