In your bag No: 608, James Hughes
Today we have a photographer who is based in Istanbul. This seems to be a really popular destination for photographers. The place must be swarmed with them by now. Anyway, James has a pretty sweet setup for us.

My name is James Hughes a photographer originally from Northern Ireland based currently in Istanbul .

The Bag ….

Small black Brady Ariel trout bag ( used a Billingham for 30+ years , this is similar but much lighter )

Leica M8.2 with Thumbie ( need the Thumbie for gripping)

Tap and Dye Legacy leather wrist strap ( does away with the need for a full strap , isn’t so conspicuous when camera is in your hand )

Voightlander 21mm f4  ( 28mm equiv )

Voightlander 15mm f 4.5 ( 21mm equiv)

Spare batteries ( leica eats them  )

Apple cleaning cloth (best i’ve used  )

Apple 160gb ipod ( lifetime collection of tunes for waiting or mood changing )

Small squared Moleskine notebook ( for notes / thoughts /poems / sketching)

Pilot black V5 Hi-Tecpoint 0.5 pen ( tried and tested never fails)

Scarf / Keffiyeh  ( for wrapping camera gear / head / protection from the elements / or a place to hide :)

Also not shown are possibly as important as I walk all day in the city … a good pair of boots , especially in istanbul . A  toilet roll and baby wipes .. these can be a life saver not just in turkey!





Best Regards

Thanks for sharing your bag with us James. I am actually very jealous of you being in Istanbul, as I was hoping to go, but other things got in the way.
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