In your bag No: 596, Mihai Barabancea aka Alexandru Mironov
Mihai, or Alexandru, whichever suits you best has got a very very interesting bag for us. Not just for the cameras, but the mask too. And that he uses this stuff to take some very interesting pictures too. Check this one out.

Mihai Barabancea aka Alexandru Mironov born and raised Bucharest Romania:

My interest in art-making grew out of my involvement in the beginnings of the street art movement in Romania, being part of some of the first graffiti and urban art projects in the late 90s. I guess it is from those early beginnings that my interest into unconventional characters and spaces of the urban environment emerged. At the time I did not realize that what we were making was art. The conscious realization of the artistic drive came much later when I had finally made the transition from street art to photography and film. This is when I enrolled to National University of Arts, Bucharest –the Photography and Video Department, where I further refined my direction as an artist.
My current work encompasses photography, experimental film and installations which have as recurrent subject the urban environment and its socially excluded communities. The subjects are people I meet in my everyday journeys into the city: children of the streets, the homeless cyberpunks, old & disabled stephen hawkins , weird people, michael jackson fans etc all of which have been socially marginalized, but who nevertheless take part in defining our current urban values and culture.
The development of my artistic expression over time came not as much from changing the subjects of my work, but rather in the perspective taken on these subjects and also from the way I use the artistic medium – the camera. Thus gradually I have switched from a purely documentary view on the subjects using the camera as a capturing tool to an interactionist approach, whereby the photographies incorporate elements of performance and the camera is used as a two-sided interactive tool for both artist and subject.
This way my work distances itself from photojournalism and takes the direction of the art performance. The subjects are not passive in front of the camera, but rather they contribute to the artistic concept, by being aware of the presence of the camera and thus modifying their attitude, posture and gestures in accordance to how they wish to appear. This way they become performative, they momentarily lose their inhibitions and can even step into exhibitionism, projecting to the camera their desires and the image they wish for themselves. This performativity represents their need for affirmation and is a natural response to their condition of social exclusion. By empowering these people with the freedom to perform in front of the camera rather than portraying them through documentary-type snapshots, they directly contribute to the changing of the social stereotypes that are attached to them.

My bag:

-louis vuiton bag
-yashica t5 speedy, all weather, night
-olympus mju 1, hard missions where are increased chances of failure and backfire
-nikon 28 ti kinda slow but good glass used for good old fashion portraits
-ricoh gr1s thanks to Bellamy fast hard street snaks
-varta cr123a battery
-pocket change
-red old spice cause I play dirty
-antibacterial hand washer cause I meet a lot of strangers
-nivea lipcare cause I kiss a lot
-marker to write data on the film and ladys numbers
-film usually cheap one fuji 200/ paradies 400
-leather customised mask made by Lumin designer
-mirrored sunglasses for poker face
-tigarets that increase chances of getting a nice cancer
-green lighter
-rolling-paper its always good to have them with me.. i feel safe.
-black dog whisperer used in abandoned places against dogs/cats attacks
-casio f-91w kinda resistent
-samsung smart phone
-clever selfpublished photo albums – of hardcore street overriding sequence x3

here are the albums:

overriding sequence #3
overriding sequence #2
overriding sequence #1

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Mihai. Love the Louis Vuitton, very street.
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