In your bag No: 588, Phil Thomas
Phil brings us his bag from sunny Newcastle. And what a bag it is. A lovely simple street bag with a classic Canon SLR chucked in for good measure. Come and have a look at this great bag.

My name is Phil, I am a (spare time) photographer from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. I would say my style is mostly travel photography, I love seeing and shooting new places, preferably some exotic country far from home.

This is what I carry with me when going out shooting. I like to keep things light and simple.

Cheap, inconspicuous shoulder bag.

Canon AE-1 SLR with 28mm lens.

Fuji X100.

Olympus XA-2.

Manfrotto padded case for the X100.

Loads of spare SD cards in a case.

Spare X100 battery.

Film (whatever I find for cheap).

Tiny USB flash stick.

SD card reader.

BlackRapid FastenR.

Star Wars Moleskine & Pen.

Cheap BlackRapid style shoulder sling.


A bottle of water and some business cards for when travelling (not pictured).

I have had many DSLRs and heavy zoom lenses in the past and got sick of the weight of all my gear. I also wanted to concentrate on improving my composition and so decided to sell it all and get the Fuji X100 for its compactness and fixed focal length. This is now my main camera that I use 90% of the time. Since switching I have never looked back and think I have shot some of my best work with this camera.

For film I have an Olympus XA-2 and a Canon AE-1 with 28mm lens. The Olympus is great for throwing in my bag everyday when I’m more likely to take quick snapshots. The Canon is a recent addition for when I want to get more control and spend a bit more time on photos.

I think my next upgrade will be a proper camera bag with some padding and compartments, I can never find anything in there! Probably a nice 50mm for the Canon too!

I keep all my photos on my personal site at

Thanks for shaing your bag with us Phil. That is two days in a row that people have been sharing classic Canons, there must be something in the water.
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