In your bag No: 577, Rainer Duesmann
Todays shot is a double. Yes a double bag shot. Rainer shares with us both of his bags, his gear and his passion for photography. Come and have a look.

My name is Rainer. I´m a 48 years old amateur photographer in Germany. Long years Pentax DSLRs were my pleasure.
Now I`m happy to go the Leica M way and more fine lenses from the past with the fantastic Ricoh GXR.

You see two bags.

One is a fine Bare Bone Bags from the USA. Its a small bag. But its also a miracle bag. It fits my complete gear. Unbelievable.

The second one is an Ona bag. Its the bag I prefer when a bag with leather and no velcro is the idea.

You see my two filters, the Ricoh viewfinder, my analog camera the fine Olympus XA, the Ricoh cable release, a Novoflex mini tripod, a great Petzl head lamp for nightshots, a compass for finding home again and two spare Ricoh batteries.

From left to right you see my line-up.

The great little Ricoh GXR with an Olympus 50mm f3.5 macro on it. Its the camera for me.

Next the Leica C_Elmar 90mm f4. A true bargain for the $150 you can buy it everywhere.

The Helios 44. A copy of the Zeiss Biogon 58mm f2. Its bokeh is swirling you think you are in a round about. ;-)

My best one. The one and only Bokton. Nokton 35mm f1.2. Its absolutely a world class lens. Sharp from f1.2 and a bokeh to die for.

Last but not least the perfect wide lens. The CV Super Heliar 15mm. A must when your camera can handle it. The Ricoh works perfect with this little wonder.

My phot blog (sorry its in German):

Keep going with your great work,

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Rainer. Nice to see those classic lenses getting a new lease of life on your camera.
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