In your bag No: 567, Calvin Kaiwa Ching
Well, sorry about the delay. That is the first time in 2 years that I have missed a bag post, and all because my computer died. But we seem to have everything back on track now, and we have a klovely new bag for you too. From Korea no less, we don’t get many of them. Calvin has a lovely set for us. Check it out.

Here is my proud submission for “In your Bag”. I am a film photography hobbyist and am based in both Hong Kong and Busan, Korea. I’m a expat from Canada, and I had family in Korea, hence the reason why I moved back and forth from HK and Korea.

I am a professional public school teacher and chose to work specifically in a working class neighborhood in Hong Kong because their learning attitudes and ethics are much better than the sort of upper class kids I used to teach in Korea. I am currently signed on to a 2 year contract with this public school. (But am looking to go back to my the land of maple syrup to finish my teacher’s certification as a registered teacher in Canada) I love the kids in HK, they are super bright despite the concrete jungle of HK. I can’t believe kids can grow up in this environment as I grew up with multiple baseball fields, soccer fields, and giant parks all within walking distance from my old childhood home in Canada.

I have way too many film cameras. (Refer to pic for my treasure hoard) But in this shot I tried to narrow it down to my preference nowadays for what I shoot. Recently I also began selling off cameras I don’t use anymore, and have sold the GR1s.


For my current setup, I have a Leica M4P (proudly made in Canada as well) with the Rokkor (Pre-MC ver.) 40mm F2 “Water Lens”. I always have a half frame with me as this was the camera that got me into film; the Olympus PEN F with G Zuiko 40mm F1.4. My P&S for close and tight work is the Ricoh R1s with a modification to allow it to shoot 24mm in full frame rather in the panoramic mode. I actually prefer the R1s to the GR1s because I always felt like I had to baby it due to it having problems with LCDs and whatnot. The R1s is functionally just as fast to use for candids and it’s a pleasure to use. I routinely blow through a roll on a good day for candids with that camera.

In this setup, I usually walk around with my Ricoh for street candids, and use the Leica for landscape (mostly). The Olympus PEN F is actually a very good all rounder and I use that as my main camera when the Ricoh is in the bag. The 40mm focal length is my favorite lens, and I have at least 3-4 different 40mm lens for different formats in my collection.

I have a Thinktank Retrospective 7 when I need to go traveling. The many compartments and secure Velcro fastenings inside really help me organize my travel documents (e-tickets, hotel bookings) very well. I prefer the Billingham Hadley pro when I am out in my city however due to its lightness.


My preferred film is Kodak TMax 400 for B&W, but I usually use Fujifilm Superia 200 (for colour) due to it being widely available and super cheap in Hong Kong. I would use portra 400 when I bulk buy it in certain times of the year. I bought the JCH film case at FILME in Causeway Bay. Highly recommended for the film enthusiast in HK. In the case now I have some miscellaneous B&W film I am experimenting with to see if it can ween me off of the TMax 400. (I doubt it)


I have a Moleskin for my notes I take for places to go to and reminders of which buses to take (for both Korea and HK) I have both Hong Kong and Canada passports. You can see which one I use more due to the Canadian one being so faded out :D. Ear plugs are super useful for noisy bunk mates in hostels. Deodorant, sunscreen oil, and bug spray is included as it is super necessary in HK and Korea in the summer. I am a Buddhist as well so that bracelet goes with me everywhere.

My current book I am reading “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, (and no wonder it was recommended to me many times.) I usually have one book I carry with me to read when I am on a intercity bus or train.

I have a blog in which I write about why I take photographs (It’s personal) but mostly I want to show people where I live and how everyday life is to me when I walk through it:

Being a school teacher, I have a lot of holidays and love to go traveling on those days off. HK is a great location to travel around Asia, and I can only to hope to visit more countries before I leave.

Too bad I couldn’t attach a picture of my tattoo(!) but I have one that is photography related but can’t show it yet.

“Develop your negatives so you can keep the positives.”

Calvin Kaiwa Ching

Many thanks for sharing your bag and your thoughts with us Calvin. I am intrigued by the tattoo, I wonder what it could be.
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