In your bag No: 566, Rob D
Check out this bag-shot. It looks like something from a travel magazine. And it kind of is a travel bag, as Rob put this together for a little trip around his home country of Germany. Check it out.

Heading to Berlin for a weekendtrip, i just wanted to share my travelbag with you.

Living in the south of Germany -Stuttgart-, the home of Mercedes Benz, me and my girlfriend have planed a trip to our capital city -Berlin- for this weekend. Therefore is just packed my bag with…

… first of all the cameras: My main-camera, the Leica M6 with the Canon 50 1.2 LTM + M39 to Leica M Adapter.
I will also carry a Voigtländer 35 1.4 Leica M, my second lens, with me. Mounted with a 3D-printed lenshood.
My second camera is the Voigtländer Bessa L with the Super Wide Heliar 15mm, for the wide scenes.

… the film: I chose 6 Kodak Ektar 100 (for the Leica) and 5 Agfa Vista 200 (for the Voigtländer), good weather expected.

…. my glasses: of course sunglasses, itʻs summer! And my normal glasses.

…a guidebook ‘Berliner Luft’, this is a photobook and guidbook in one.
I really recommand it, if you like the style of Martin Parr. A great book! (english and german comments)

….the rest: Of course a bag (the old one off my dad). A 15mm viewfinder. The Leica SF 20 flash.
Lenscaps for all lenses. A variable ND-Filter to shoot the Canon all way open.

Hope you enjoyed it! I will upload my pictures from the trip to my Facebook-Page. Feel free to like it and wait for them:

From Germany, Robert.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Rob. I love the layout and the description. I hope that you had a lovely weekend trip.
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