In your bag No: 561, Elliot King
Elliot brings us his bag from the UK, and a very nice student bag it is too. I wish I had been able to have this kind of gear when I was a student. I had to make do with a Nikon F-801 (still a very capable camera). Come and have a look at this lovely setup.

Hello, my name is Elliot King and I’m a 21 year old student in the final few months of my photography degree at Falmouth University in the UK. I shoot a bit of everything and anything when I’m on the street but for my final year of course work I’ve been specializing in architecture and interiors and building up a portfolio as such!

The bag itself is a Mekko C8, a Chinese made shoulder satchel sort of thing based on the Domke bags (I think) – it’s really nicely put together and laid out and was pretty cheap as well which is a bonus. It turned out to be pretty huge but I use it as a combo camera bag / overnight bag so I wanted something that would hold everything but the kitchen sink. I can never decide which cameras to bring when I go anywhere either so it’s handy being able to cram a load in if I need to. I actually think my shoulders would break from the weight before the bag would.

I shoot a lot of film, mostly 120 and 35mm – the Pentax 67 is for slow and deliberate sort of work and the lovely Contax G1 for using when I’m out and about (I seem to spend most of my spare time walking the dog these days). The Pen F is great too and goes most places over my shoulder or hanging off my wrist, I tend to scan all my stuff so it’s great for making full-frame diptychs. I’ve got standard lenses on all of them as I like to shoot just as I see, so that’s the Pentax 105mm 2.4, Zeiss 45mm 2.0 and Zuiko 38mm 1.8 respectively. The Pentax has to take the crown of my favourite lens ever though, the rendering / colour / depth of field / subject isolation you can get with the 105mm just makes me want to break down in tears of joy every time I see the results (a bit sad I know).

I like to shoot Kodak Portra most of the time but if there’s ever anything expired or interesting going particularly cheap on eBay I’ll grab that as well to keep the fridge stocked up.

Other bits and pieces include my phone, lightmeter, sunglasses, lens cloth and extra film. Usually there’s also various bits of rubbish and camera detritus hanging around as well but I thought I’d clear that out for the bag shot.

You can see some of my work in a few places… My website – My blog – And my Instagram (not that you can really call endless photos of ice cream, dogs and beers “work”) –

Some of my stuff is also going on exhibition along with others from my course at the Free Range shows at the Truman Brewery in London from the 21st of June, so make sure you pop along and have a look if you’re in town.


Many thanks for sharing your bag with us Elliot. I hope your final show goes well. I nearly went to Falmouth uni, but ended up in Birmingham. Sometimes I wonder where I would be if I had taken the course I needed instead of the course I wanted.
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