In your bag No: 560, Josh White
Josh was featured as one of the very earliest bags, all the way back in 2011. And now he is back, with a new bag and new gear. Check out how things have changed since bag number 25.

Well, this is my second time posting on Bellamy’s site. A lot has changed since my last bag post here!

Then, I shot an M9-P, Ricoh GR1, GR21. I also used to carry around a lot more gear in a backpack.

After finding it a pain to carry “that much” gear around I cut out a lot of the extras. On top of that, life has made it necessary to kept my bag a little more modest these days.

1. My main camera now is a Leica M5 in black. It has the vertical lugs and I usually shoot it with the modest, but good performing 40mm summicron. It’s modified to bring up the 35mm framelines. The M5 is in fact from a friend who sorta rescued me from an artistic lull. It will stay with me until it packs it in. Or I do, whatever comes first! Ergonomically, I think it’s the finest Leica I’ve used.

Call me weird.

2. The second camera I carry is the Ricoh GXR. While not the prettiest of cameras, I could hardly care less. I use the M-Mount module with the 15mm Voigtlander II. It’s a wonderful combination! Don’t have to worry much about focusing ;)

3. The bag I use is an Artist and Artisan. I’m not sure which model, but it carries everything I need it to.

4. As for the other stuff in my bag I keep it pretty simple. I carry some extra film (HP5 or TMAX) and extra batteries for both cameras. I carry my Blackberry, some headphones, my passport, and one of Bellamy’s film cases.

Whether or not I like to admit it, I once used to try and buy every interesting camera I laid my eyes on. I’ve learned a lot in the past year and perhaps most importantly I learned it matters very little what gear you carry.

Cliched, but true.

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Thanks for coming back and sharing your bag with us JT, it is interesting to see how things have changed. Nice to have you back.
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