In your bag No: 555, Trond Båshus
Not only does Trond have a pretty awesome name, but he also has a pretty awesome bag. Check out that beast! What a camera! Come and learn more about Trond’s bag.

My name is Trond Båshus, a photographer from Norway. Here is the contents of my bag today. I often prefer to carry a small bag with only the most necessary items. The Mamiya Universal is great camera with fantastic lenses, and here I have a 100mm lens mounted, the focal length I use the most with this camera. The back on the camera is loaded with TMax 400. Today I also planned to do some wide angle shots, so I brought a 50mm too. In the bag is also a Sekonic light meter, an extra back for high contrast situations, a yellow filter and some film.

I usually prefer black and white, but do some colour now and then too, and use formats from 35mm to 4×5″. I develop and print everything in my own darkroom. Check out my work here

All the best,

Thanks for sharing this might beast of a bag-shot with us Trond. I rarely see people shoot with these, but it is always a pleasure when I do.
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