In your bag No: 547, Colum LaVelle
Colum shares his bag which still contains his first camera. That is pretty cool, and it is a very cool story as to why he has it. Come and check out this monster bag.

Having grown up in the 60’s and 70’s, my mother was forever snaping photos of us with her Kodak Brownie. In 1980 I went to see Bob Marley and The Wailers in concert in my home town, Dublin, Ireland. I was 17. I borrowed my sisters Kodak Instamatic camera for the gig and have not stopped taking photos ever since.
Both of these Cameras can be seen in this shot as can my 1st SLR, the legend that is the K1000, which I bought, in April 1982, after having had an extended loan of a Pentax SLR for the previous year.

In 1987 I ’emigrated’ to London and several months later I upgraded to a Canon T70 with 35-70mm f3.5-5.6, 70-210 f4 and Speedlite 277T. I later upgraded to the EOS 5 with EF 28-105mm USM and Speedlite EZ 300.
I still use all of these Cameras, tho mainly the EOS 5, (occasionally borrowing L series lenses) and the K1000

Since 2005 I’ve used and owned arrange of DSLR’s but I have such a long history with Analogue I simply cannot stop, and why would I?
I believe there is room for both Analogue and Digital cameras, some of my work can be glimpsed here:

Colum LaVelle

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Colum, it is cool to hear the story of the ‘borrowed’ Kodak. Did you sister ever ask for it back?
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